When corporate corners turn adaptable & expansive!

Here’s introducing one of our finest projects customized and intended for the very esteemed Edelweiss Broking Limited.

Edelweiss is an Indian Financial services company based in Mumbai, India. The company is a subsidiary of Edelweiss Group and is registered with National Stock Exchange of India, Bombay Stock Exchange and MCX Stock Exchange.

This was an unbolted room for us to showcase our mobile contemporary décor that would suit the business exemplar of Edelweiss. As you step in, the lobby will welcome you with an infused emotion of light and warm interiors lending a soothing vibe to the entrance. We commenced with drafting a plan complimenting a centralized working platform for the two diverse departments in the firm to ease internal coordination and communication revealing hidden opportunities of utilizing the remainder space for recreational and collaborative activities. This permitted us to lay down a studio of inspiration to the users, while incorporating creative spots on the horizontal and vertical screens of the space, which helps the users to indulge in thought provoking practices. Biophilic essentials have been beautifully nestled in defined frames to stream natural waves to freshen and oxygenize the general nerve – wracking atmosphere of a workspace, while they prove to be eye catching elements simultaneously. Suspended ceilings in fractal compositions and exposed building services coated in matte finish twitches the volumetric aesthetic appeal of the place along with being a source of convenient maintenance. Tints of white and beige blend in with mini explosions of popular accents to spread energy and vigor amongst the users. This specially manufactured office comforts the adrenaline rush to work and gives an open ground discipline to fit in individually – A trailer of spatial and individual growth.