Homing from Work

Canvas x AB.
Introducing you to the concept of ‘Homing from Work’.

A customized design and comprehensive execution done for the very renowned personality Ananya Birla in Mumbai. Ananya Birla is an entrepreneur, a mental health advocate and an upcoming sensation in the music industry. The space was desired to personify her youthful spirit and undying enthusiasm. It was a really thrilling project for us as we emulate the client interests and hobbies through meticulous selection of her favorite art. We aimed to display the office as a place of inspiration to her and enveloped the space with DIY works to allow the space to grow along the lines of her career, generating certain immortality to the expansion of this space . This is a tailored office space that embeds a comfortable and warm environment by improvising meeting rooms to brainstorming collaborative spaces and renovating the reception to a lobby of experience with a 7 feet tall de constructed custom made guitar -the eye candy of the entrance. An impartial co working desk along the glazing, for equal light and ventilation to all has been incorporated along with relaxation pods, reading niches, meditation room, recording room and a cardio gym for all purposes. A personalized office with a bed, where the artist could stay at her convenience and have a self sufficient vibe in the workplace has been shaped to her flavor. The walls of the office are coated by a mix of print, spray paint and brush media that enrich the visual appearance of the office, while creating a nuanced rhythm with the chords of subtle flooring and warm lighting. The office engages in a musical dialogue of her ambitions and passion and generates a very intimate feel about her beliefs along with a serene environment. This execution is a multi working place that encompasses various functions and activities with a fresh design temperament and voguish taste.

We are looking forward to many more challenging opportunities and ventures with AB!