AXA – A clean, crisp & dynamic ambiance

The Canvas x AXA

This office is the search engine for a clean, crisp and dynamic ambiance, one that would facilitate efficient operation and would yet be welcoming. A space that would facilitate a healthy infusion of breakout zones that would avert from the dreaded midweek monotony that work environments are often plagued by. This is what global insurance moguls, AXA, envisioned for their swanky, new office in the Indian City of Bangalore.

Our design process begins in close collaboration with the client, to develop a deep understanding of tastes and aspirations. Our layouts go beyond accommodating numbers, with meticulous attention paid to making every space memorable and distinct in character.  Recycled and locally sourced material use so as to curb raw material extraction. Project constructed to optimized timelines so as to curb emissions associated with construction as well.

The lines that frame our layout are the visual articulations from the iconic AXA logo. Earthy tones in a monochromatic palette give birth to a dynamic workmanlike background template, allowing the quirk and color of the furniture elements and recreation areas to be emphasized. These spines of color help enforce the work-life balance that every employee yearns for. Recreational zones like the cafeteria exude a refreshing bohemian vibe, ensuring that a patron may unwind, rest, or reflect to his choice. Furniture elements, mood lighting, wallpapers and spatial volume all play a part in this experience – infusing that extra burst of intangible flavor into that steaming morning latte.