The Canvas portfolio includes uniquely tailored projects for our clients at all scales, across the nation.

Our architectural solutions are a result of a cohesive process which encourages our interdisciplinary teams to analyze alternatives, discuss knowledge and co-create new ways to solve the challenges of our built environment.

Our approach echoes the aspirations of our clients and communities. Our team ensures that we design meaningful environments while balancing internal functions with external demands of the site, climate, and culture.



Collaborating with our clients, we design interiors which echo their unique cultural, brand, and functional expectations.

Our design approach ensures that we enhance collaboration, improve productivity and ensure employees love coming to their workspaces. Our teams analyze a client’s business objectives and culture to design solutions that embody the core values of the organization.

Our design solutions put great emphasis on employee wellbeing. We use elements like space, materials, energy, light and color as tools to create healthy environments which improve performance.