Ideas are a fluttering thought…
A line on the page, or a stroke of the brush…
To become real, they need a designer’s mind, and the mastery of a craftsman.
We are them… The creators, facilitators and visionaries.
The mavericks, ready to challenge routines and rituals…
Making work comfortable for all, so that the workplace is a launch pad for collaboration… Here to “Set ideas free”



The Canvas is a specialized design cell which leverages physical space as a strategic tool to attain organizational objectives, with deliverables that encompass Architectural and Interior Design. We are a growing team of the best minds in the industry – boasting the skills, the resources and the hunger to take on a complete spectrum of design challenges.

Our deep-rooted culture of collaboration and free expression allows us to dispense with homogeneity, and we remain continuously curious, innovative and evolving. On the backbone of this ideology, our team has worked with India’s leading organizations, spanning multiple industries, to deliver design solutions that push boundaries and set industry trends. With an award-winning portfolio boasting the crème de la crème of clientèle, it is our legacy that powers our dream of being the leading design firm in the country.