Inspiring Gen Z

Inspiring Generation Z

Gen Z has its unique traits, preferences, likes, dislikes, and behavioural patterns. With the advent of the Internet, the millennials crave for stability, familiarity, and comfort. A majority of the workforce at Accenture is Gen Z.

At The Canvas, we strive to apply a good functional design that appeals to the workforce at every level in the organisation. The Workspace designed for Accenture has a vibrant ambience that enthrals Gen Z at work. The integration of colours across carpets and stipulating zones embellish the areas with an energetic fresh vibe. The vivid but measured
workspace design drives exponential growth fascination and reflects Accenture's quest for innovation and technology that inspires Gen Z.

The places they work need to reflect the techno lifestyle they are accustomed to. In terms of the workplace, the office setting is included with technology that allows staff to work seamlessly from any part of the workspace. With attached hand-held supercomputers to provide instant communication with others, good lighting and acoustics along with the ability to easily share documents and control, the office can be anywhere!

Minimalism is associated with a cool, calm colour palette, sleek lines and empty space, prioritising quality over quantity. The building designs of the future are all about flexibility, sustainability and minimalism, which are easy to live in, yet stylish and unobtrusive.
We customised the design for Accenture with a groovy yet calm and minimalistic design pattern complementing the energetic yet calm colour scheme.