“An office of practical alleviation”

Congregate & Promulgate.

The idea to Comulgate.
The machinery of an office comprises of our various daily activities and therefore efficient functioning of each for a satisfied performance is the key to any lock of inconveniences.

Pantry, is one such place, where a “lot can happen over a coffee”, where brainstorming takes place and stories are exchanged.
We have highlighted this space with oak wood veneer paneling and a pop of orange, to zest up the space with its true essence. A touch of nature with some potted plants near the clerestory brightens up the place with an inviting consciousness.

The Engagement of Earth & Heaven.
Biophilia on a backdrop of brick finish, situated on junctions of white painted metal grid slowly travels and opens into a conjoint area. This meet up space, is designed for a multitude of events, from small scale seminars to a recreational set up for unwinding.

Cut and fill method of designing inspired us to develop an interesting leveled seating with soft and comforting cushions for a better experience. The blend of wood with vibrant colors is an over the horizon feeling we have desired to built.

Optical and Realistic Comfort.
The nature of our output depends upon the rest we have given ourselves as well. In the end of a long day’s task, it is rightly advisable to invest in the time you deserve to feel balanced, whether you sleep, play or eat, you should get it!
In an office, we achieved the deliverance of this message by incorporating relief & leisure to the users. Relaxed –easy seating & ample amount of natural light would be helpful to elevate the patron mood, where as assisting artificial light has been wisely chosen to maintain the style of the place and have moderate energy consumption.