A go-getter spatial narrative

JLL x Canvas
Another milestone for us is the JLL Mumbai headquarters, an ongoing saga of our merged partnership.

An American commercial real estate services firm, once fetching the right frame for its workplaces in India, concluded its search with us. JLL is the second-largest company of its kind in the world, and now their Mumbai office is the benchmark for our future endeavors!
The office invites you to its authenticity and legacy, as their trademark is ingrained in the color scheme that screens through the place. Permutations & combinations of white, black and red are observed, revealing the brand notions and manifesto for its players’ understanding and partaking. Chromotherapy has been adopted, to reflect the chosen colors on user psychology. While white emits and radiates peace and corporate taste, shades of black & grey create an interesting contrast. Their bold demeanor pushes your will to avoid procrastination and develop constantly. Whereas red stands for their saying “achieve ambitions”, being the explicit color to exude a go-getting atmosphere.
All the colors are entrenched in an open closet of ochres and browns, like splashes of vigor and zest on a wooden ground. Wooden laminates and marble have been used extensively to compliment the porche aura of the company, while wooden flooring is designed for different levels, a semi open ceiling concept has been generated to reduce material consumption and keep the aesthetics flowing. It provides openness to the spectator area and births as a source of relief and freedom. To suit the invested style, frosted glass enhances the space with its translucent property that also provides positive segregation and privacy.
Welcoming biophilia indoors is a step forward to improve the air quality and control the internal temperature through passive cooling principles. Creating a microclimate within the workplace balances the energy consumption and improvises the space competency. As one can see, ergonomic furniture is designed for the place, with special phone booth seating that creates niches of interaction and introspection open for different user habits & likings.
Just like a bestselling author, our designed workplace for JLL is a tale of our novelty in design!