Inspiring Gen Y

Inspiring Generation Y

Millennials are built differently. They are the people that believe in taking action to bring about change. They are the trendsetters and the revolutionists. So a workforce that comprises the majority of Gen Y demands an office that reflects the same vibe and promotes innovation and technology. This is the exact result that was achieved by The Canvas while designing the workspace for Accenture.

Gen Y is keen on having a workspace that encourages them to grow and stay focused. They aim at achieving professional – personal life balance. They are more likely to raise concerns regarding an improper workspace. However, given a well-designed workspace, the Millennials are motivated to be more productive and deliver better results. The Canvas worked closely with the values and goals of Accenture to deliver a workspace that has a vibrant ambiance that enthralls Gen Y at work. The integration of colors across carpets and stipulating zones embellishes the areas with an energetic fresh vibe. The expressive design drives exponential growth fascination and reflects Accenture’s quest for innovation and technology that inspires Gen Y.

The workspace needs to be in sync with their familiar techno lifestyle. Hence, the office is designed with the integration of the latest technology that allows staff to work seamlessly from any part of the workspace. With attached hand-held supercomputers to provide instant communication with others, good lighting and acoustics along with the ability to easily share documents and control, the office can be anywhere!

The bright and lively design approach for Accenture aims at keeping the people boosted, productive, and high on energy. The architecture of the future is all about flexibility, sustainability, and being technology-friendly. We customized the design for Accenture considering the above and delivered with a groovy yet rich design pattern complementing the energetic and bold color scheme.