Humanized ambition

JLL Hyderabad

JLL India is the Indian arm of JLL – a global real estate services firm specialising in commercial property and investment management. As designers, the Canvas ensured that the available space at their Hyderabad facility was put to maximum productive use, while appealing to the design sensibilities of their millennial workforce.

The collaborative workstation area is designed in JLL’s brand colors and offers a vibrant experience, similar to the vibe exhibited by co-working spaces. The project features innovative mediascapes, hot desks, phone booths, activity-based workspaces, discussion booths, recreation area and wellness rooms. We have introduced biophilic elements like acoustical lighting made of felt, natural Reindeer Moss which is a great sound absorber, natural green elements and wooden effects. The Cafeteria was planned near the glazing area which ensures ample sunlight for the employees to unwind and feel fresh.