Google Cafe

Cafeteria with a soul

Google Cafe Hyderabad

Google is one of the few companies in the world which needs no introduction. The Canvas was ecstatic to design the cafeteria for their Hyderabad office with a theme closer to nature. 

The cafeteria is a part of Google’s Hi-tech city campus of Hyderabad. The cafeteria is designed is a manner that it can accommodate 400 employees and also can be converted into a town hall, when the need arises. 

Wood, cement finishes and planters all across the cafeteria ensure the natural look and cement mosaic tiles add to the charm. There is ample sunlight gracing the cafe with appropriate use of glazing. The red, blue and grey color for the seating blends well with the other materials to ensure an earthy look. In line with Google’s ideology to promote a healthy and happy ambiance in its cafeteria globally, we have ensured ample avenues for employees to collaborate and engage while enjoying their daily meals.