Accelerating innovation

AXA Business Services Bangalore

AXA Business Services is a 100% subsidiary and a strategic innovation hub of AXA Insurance. It leverages its Indian talent to provide sustained value to its global partners and employees.

The Bangalore office is designed to accommodate nearly 700 employees and features 24 meeting rooms, an 18 pax boardroom, a 100 pax cafeteria and a digital studio. The work areas exhibit minimalistic design to encourage focus and eliminate clutter, with neutral shades of whites and greys. In contrast, the boardrooms that host clients and dignitaries are matched to the appropriate opulence and dynamism – never gaudy, always elegant. AXA’s emphasis on employee well being is aptly exhibited through their very own jogging track, circling around the workstations. Recreational zones like the cafeteria exude a refreshing bohemian ambience.