Tailoring to Perfection!

Tata Sky Mumbai x The Canvas
Completed in 2019. Site area – 40,000 Sq ft.

Singing Jhinga la la at work, a spatial experience of Freedom of expression!

The space welcomes you with a vibrant and welcoming reception featuring a home-styled backdrop of a TV cabinet airing TATASKY along with telecommunication inspired graphics as print media on walls.
Swimming in the color range of white, ochre, grey, steel blue as common accents throughout the workspace, we blend in their brand motives in the fabricated environment for their employees. Opening gates for them, to be a part of a legacy in telecommunications that accepts all individual glory in one.

Tata Sky is India’s leading direct broadcast satellite television provider and content distribution platform. Canvas promised Tata Sky an office that would reflect its core values of leadership, enthusiasm, innovation, decisiveness, agility, teamwork and integrity.

The facility features a bold move in breaking the barriers of cabins and cubicles, thus resulting in complete open office architecture with no fixed desk for any employee. It is an encompassing ritual of asymmetric agile workstations that introduce a certain anthropometrical velocity and keep the room running.  It consists of multipurpose rooms which switch quickly between meeting room and training room, curtsying to the adaptable furniture. It allows employees to sit in any given corner at any point of the day, thanks to the innovative interior style that is aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically right. This contributes to execute their tasks using a mix of seating pods, nest & booth seating, linear workstations, leveled seats, high desks and hot desks with direct lighting along with radial collaborative spaces.

Suspended spot lights, along with linear led lights engraved in false ceilings accentuate the luminosity maintained while working. Circadian lighting has been infused in a slight gesture as we achieve natural light through the openness in planning, and window orientation far from massing that allows a great buffer space for the light to exist and gush. Transparency is brought to the space by glass partitions and open booth seating embedded in the verticals of the building, for personal or interactive works. The color scheme is trendy and powerful, resonating the essence of their brand colors – pink, blue, green. These colors meet with some warm and cool tints of orange, red, yellow, sea green, sky blue and create a canvas of liberty and vogue for the workplace.

A station of your thoughts, your own definition of working optimally.