Pods add a character to the workplace

Pods and the Open Office Concept

The Open Office Concept came into the limelight in the recent thirty years. The key reason the Open Office Concept became popular was the low construction cost. Adopted across the industry by architects, it influenced a majority of the youth population. The millennials loved the Open Office concept for its creativity and innovation. However, this concept failed to answer the privacy and productivity concerns for the employers in some areas.
A solution does exist through generating a design form that provides portability as well as privacy – The Pod.

We have implemented Pods in our designs and some of the benefits are:
Minimising Noise interruption
Research indicates that a large number of employees feel distracted and even the efficiency is reduced due to the disturbance created. The Pods, even if they do not serve as permanent spaces for each individual to work, they do provide an area to escape the typical office cacophony.

Reducing Visual Distractions
While visual distraction does not create any physical and mental issues on an employee’s well-being, it affects the focus and concentration required at the workplace thereby reducing overall productivity. Pods being an enclosed space helps in creating a visual barrier for the employee, improving focus and productivity.

Preferable Group Discussion Area
Group activities like official presentations and interaction with other staff members on a project require concentration. The Open Office Concept does not provide adequate areas where these endeavours can take place. Here Pods can help create the space required for complete individual or collaborative projects that require focus and quietness.

Sensitive Space for Strategizing
Organisations require spaces for the top management to plan or discuss confidential company
issues, strategy, etc. These discussions need a private area for such meetings. Office Pods are available in small conference room sizes which allow up to four people to work in seclusion and quietness on collaborative projects that require focus and quietness to perform.