Millennial mentality to Gen Z attitude?

The Canvas X Accenture
We work in environments of various experiences, people of assorted age groups with their own stories and fights.

Accenture is a multinational professional services company that provides services in strategy consulting, digital, technology and operations.
The canvas took the initiative to tell their story with a design philosophy to upbeat the rhythmic work flow by integrating technology driven structures and installations, entrenched in jazzy colors and intriguing patterns as backdrops to compliment the spirit of the youth, while amalgamating the same spaces with cozy and warm sections, to bring in solace and serenity that would assist the interest of the adult crowd. This module is a heterogeneous theatre of attraction that encompasses warm and cool textures in a nest of visual pleasure. Chromo therapy, has been applied for productive results of user psychological state, colors like blue, green and orange induce concentration and hence have been used in repetition to amplify the overall performance while sourcing out excitement and culture. Print media, modern topics and encouraging quotes have been fabricated on the walls to create an alert accent of spatial behavior. High rise seating and tables, with suspended direct lighting have been initiated to better the optical and mental pressure while working. Force and soul of sports are visible through the turf finished flooring, creating niches of vigor and vogue. This is a barrier free design that chains pixel modular furniture resulting in multipurpose activities because of its locomotive nature along with planters and green niches oriented in vertical wooden screens and partitions, magnifying the salubrious effect of the space. Collaborative spaces have been planned with interesting fixtures eluding beauty with slight controversy that is open to interpretation, generating the thought of different personalities coming together. Private and individual zones have also been provided, to bring in sense of solitude and balance out the chaos in the workspace. This is a space that welcomes you, to a country of your own understanding and choice. We aspire to produce many more spaces that would benefit the company performance along with their brand strategies.