Designing Workspaces with Wellness in Mind

A recent survey revealed that Indian’s are one of the most hardworking people in the world and end up spending around 9 hours of work on an average every day. According to the survey, Indians want to work for all 5 days even if they are given an option to work for fewer days with the same pay.

This is a startling statistic when you compare with the other countries, which are huge proponents of work-life balance.
However, Indian companies can ensure that they facilitate a healthy and productive environment for their hard working workforce.

Here are 5 tips which can help your company create a healthier workspace:

  1. Employees should be encouraged to alternate between standing and seated postures while working. To enable the same, there should be a dedicated standing desk work area. Such initiatives have been able to decrease lethargy and increase productivity of employees
  2. Adequate ventilation can be facilitated by often installing large fans (instead of air conditioning in all areas). They ensure movement of air, reducing the dependency on powerful air conditioning systems and promoting a more consistent air quality throughout.
  3. Lighting systems which mimic natural light end up being more conducive to enhance productivity of workers. The more closer we get to having natural light, the better it is for our circadian rhythms which ensure gratifying sleep at night.
  4. Having green walls and plants around in the workspace can provide a soothing environment. Plants reduce carbon dioxide ensure a healthier environment.
  5. Removing interior walls, dark corridors and exposing curtain walls to maximize natural light ensures a more warm and welcoming workspace.